client commitment

Attention to detail and craftsmanship have provided MBC with an outstanding reputation for value, exceptional performance, positive client relationships, and superior customer service.

customer service

We understand that any client concerns are important, so we have a first-rate office staff ready to assist you. Clients make our business, and you can always expect a courteous, prompt response from our team.

project estimation

MBC has an estimator dedicated solely to serving our clients by providing an estimated price for your project. Most competitor’s proposals are very vague, and can be full of costly surprises for the client after the project is awarded. We are committed to informing you as accurately as possible to eliminate unexpected expenses.

quality workmanship

MBC takes pride in their workmanship, and strives to meet or exceed the industry’s standard for quality.


MBC encourages client participation in their projects. We find that early and continuous communication ensures better planning, cost-control, and execution of the project.


MBC is committed to offering continuous, long-term support for all of our projects. We have several services to ensure the quality of our work even after our projects are completed.

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our team

Bernie Marchuska

Bernie Marchuska

The elder brother of the Marchuska brothers, Bernie brings special skills and accurate problem-solving solutions to the table. Bernie has over 20 years of experience ranging from complete commercial and residential building construction to the elite skills of a cabinet maker.  Some of his many unique skills include being a Registered Locksmith and 18th century furniture maker specializing in Philadelphia Chippendale furniture construction.  In addition, Bernie also has a special interest in interior design, with a focus in French country and American Craftsman décor.  On the weekends when he isn’t playing “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, you might find him tasting a fine wine, playing golf, on the sidelines of a polo match, honing his foreign language skills, or just hanging out with his friends. Bernie graduated from Marywood University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Justin Marchuska

Justin Marchuska

The younger brother of the Marchuska brothers, Justin focuses on the client relationship aspect of the business. He enjoys the challenge of understanding the often-complex needs and wants of each client and making it happen. He has advanced knowledge in construction management for both commercial and residential projects, and this helps ensure that each project will be finished on time and accurately. Justin enjoys spending time at his coastal and lake properties, as well as exploring modern design in building architecture and objects. Justin holds a degree in Building Construction Technology from Johnson College.

Karen Lounsberry

Karen Lounsberry

Associate Office Manager

Karen is our Associate Office Manager, and she deftly handles all payroll, accounts payable, and other accounting and administrative functions with ease. She is enjoying the ever-changing, busy-ness of the company as well as being a part of the construction industry for the first time. Karen has assisted in making some important changes to our accounting operations which has been helpful as we continue to grow and take on larger projects. She enjoys reading, exercising, trying new dry reds, and looks forward to traveling more in the years to come. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University with many years of accounting experience.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson


When you need an estimate for a project, our Estimator, Kyle, is the man for the job. He is a leading estimator in the greater Binghamton area, giving the client an accurate projected cost, timetable, and job expectation, compiling data, and bidding on many high profile projects. He has a background in carpentry, with significant experience in new construction and renovations. Kyle enjoys long, romantic walks on the beach, drinking Busch light, spending time with his daughter, and living his life to the fullest. He holds a degree in Construction Technology from SUNY Alfred, specializing in project management, estimating, project coordinating, and building solutions.

James Caramore

James Caramore

Project Manager

James is our longest-serving Project Manager here at MBC, and he brings expertise and professionalism to the local construction industry. With his unique set of problem-solving skills, as well as technical training, he is able to accomplish difficult jobs that meet the needs of the most exacting customers. James uses his computer background to successfully tackle challenging tasks in scheduling, project design, and coordination of site plans. He is composed under pressure, and wears the many hats that are necessary when running multiple million-dollar projects at a time. When he’s not out in the field, you can find him fishing, fixing up his old ’78 Skylark, and working out. James is a graduate of SUNY Delhi and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.


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